LEVAS Championship Match 7, also for the Mansfield Cup and fished jointly with the Soldiers & Sailors (Sawley) Angling Club, was held at Makins Fishery on Phase Two, spread over three lakes, Crateer, Snake and Reptile, with every angler having at least one spare peg on either side of them (some with more space).

In the very hot and sunny weather fisher were cruising all around the lakes with litle initial interest in feeding, and anglers had to work hard to get them interested, although most were rewarded with reasonable catches with all three lakes producing respectable weights.

Top lake on the day was Reptile, which produced the top four weights which were split by less than 9-00.  John Adamson ciontinued his great run of results to win from peg 9 with a weight of 80-02, consisting of mainly carp between 2-00 and 6-00 in weight plus a few bream. Although he had a few fish from the margin on a tiny feeder, the bulk fell to pole and paste fished in around 2' depth at 9m and 11m in open water.

Paul Richardson (Reptile peg 13) also continued his good run of results with a weight of 77-14 for second place. Although Paul had a few fish in open water and from his margin on pole, the bulk of his catch fell to method feeder fished towards the island.

Another form angler filled third place, Steve Hoult taking 72-08 from Reptile peg 20.  Steve had some early carp fishing long pole to the island with pellet bait before switching to the margins with double worm over dead red maggot and groundbait for the bulk of his fish, finishing strongly.

Rob Pembridge (Rep 16) was fourth with 71-02, catching early on the method feeder before switching to pole and paste for a strong finish.

On the other lakes, on Snake Paul Marriott secured a lake win and fifth spot overall from peg 7, catching the bulk of his fish by fishing long down his left margin using hair rigged pepperoni to avoid small fish, with Steve Talbot second on the lake (and sixth overall) from peg 2 with 51-04.

The top weights on Crater were Dave Cotterill (peg 2) with 46-10, taken on pellet fished to the island in the early stages then on worm fished oveer dead red maggots in the margin in the letter stages.  Brian Leafe was lake second with 45-04 taken on pole with sweet corn bait, which he fished all day.

Next week's match (16 July) is at Grange Pond - book a place with Dave Kent to avoid disappontment.

The current Championship Leaders are: John Adamson 104 points, Nigel Brailsford 102, Les Smedley and Steve Hould both on 92 and Rob Pembridge 87.