LEVAS Championship match 13, also for the W Hardy Memorial Trophy, was fished on Lake Two at Makins Fishery.  After a long spell of low pressure and strong winds, high pressure and lack of wind did not do the competitors any favours, and most anglers struggled for bites all match.

The one exception to this was the eventual winner, Paul Marriott.  Fishing on peg A18, Paul immediately found carp feeding on the feeder, and quickly had his first fish before losing one.  He switched to pole and caught carp steadily to the end, although he also admitted to losing 9 fish, and was able to put a magnificent 92-04 on the scales.  Paul caught his fish by alternating with the margin and open water.

On peg B19, John Adamson caught a couple of small carp on method feeder after about an hour then bites ceased. A switch to pole and pellet produced 3 quick skimmer bream, then very little else until 90 minutes from the end when sport slowly picked up on his method feeder line. During the final hour he came close to a bite every cast and managed to put 51-00 on the scales for second place. 3ml pellets on the feeder and meat bait was the successful method.

The next three weights all came from the "A" bank.  Brian Leafe (A13) took third place with a pole caught 43-10 of carp, initially catching in open water then later on maggot from the margin.  Dave Cotterill (peg A7) was a close fourth with a four carp catch of 41-04. He caught the first on corn at 8m, the second on worm from the margins and the last two on paste at 8m.  This pushed Janet Skinner's 39-12 carp catch from peg A20 into fifth place, the bulk of her fish coming from the margin on maggot.  Dave Kent took sixth spot from peg B13 with 35-00, taking three carp in the early stages on bomb and pellet and the rest on pellet fished short towards the end.

In the points, only one angler from the top 10 remains in the same position.  The leaders are: Les Smedley 174 (up 1); Nigel Brailsford 173 (down 1); Paul Marriott 172 (up 1), John Adamson 168 (up 1); Rob Pembridge 158 (down 2); Dave Cotterill 149 (up 1); Steve Hoult 144 (down 1); Brian Leafe 136 (up 2); Steve Talbot 130; Paul Richardson 122 (down 2).

Match 14 (also a joint match with Soldiers & Sailors (Sawley) A.C.) will be on Sunday 1 October at Blake Hall Fishery on their large Peninsular Lake.  Book a place with Dave Kent.