Another Grange Pond Open Match organised by Matthew Gaetto) was fished on Sunday, when competitors turned up to a hard frost and calm sunny conditions. Predictions were that little would be caught, but instead it produced the best weight of the season so far.

Daniel Gaetto, drawn on peg 11, started the match fishing a pellet feeder baited with corn.  He soon had his first carp, caught steadily during the first half of the match, and when things slowed he switched to pole at 13m and baiting with a 4ml pellet caught carp the end of the match to finish with a magnificent 82-03 for a clear win.

On island peg 21, Paul Wheeldon had a relatively slow start fishing feeder towards the island, but in the latter stages his fortunes changed and he caught carp steadily right up the final whistle for 29-02 and second place.

John Gaetto (peg 27) also took advantage of fishing to the island on a feeder for his 18-00 which securred third place, with match organiser Matthew Gaetto taking fourth with 10-08 from corner peg 7.

The next open match on Grange is sheduled for Sunday 3 December. To enter please contact Matthew Gaetto through the LEVAS or Grange Pond Facebook pages.