Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society

Established in 1880

Fletchers Pond

Angling is restricted to Full Members of LEVAS only on this excellent fishery. (no other permits required)

Fletchers Pond is the club's specimen carp water. It is managed to provide the type of sport required by the Club's specialist carp anglers, and receives new specimen stock from time to time. Although there are other species present, including some excellent tench, bream, roach and pike, carp dominate and there are reasonable numbers of individual fish over 20 lb, with several fish over 30 lb having been caught.

A few years ago I saw the water described in several 'Where to Fish' books as 'Derbyshire's Premier Big Carp Fishery', stating that it regularly produced 30+ lb carp. Although some other venues have appeared, Fletchers has continued to be carefully looked after (by the same specialists that fish it) and remains one of the Club's finest angling assets.

The lake is rectangular in shape and approximately 150m by 60m. It is adjacent to the Railway Line (a tree and bush fringed bank), and has pleasant views across the River Trent Valley and to the Erewash Canal (which runs at the Trent Lock end, 200m away). Although no fishing is allowed from the Railway Bank, there are established 'swims' all the way round the rest of the lake.

Having never fished the lake I have no further information, so I recommend that any new participant speaks to one of the Fletchers Pond bailiff's (all experienced anglers on the water and are pleased to assist new participants) for details and advice before fishing. I understand that currently (2010) the water holds 5 different 30+ carp, and that the largest landed weighed 36 lb 12 oz. I have no further news regarding this (2016)


Fletcher Pond Rules

1. Fishing is restricted only to Full Members of the Society (see Rule 2 of Constitution).

2. Junior members MUST be supervised when fishing by an adult member.

3. Memberships must be carried at all times when fishing.

4. When fishing for carp a specimen landing net (36" minimum) and unhooking mat (or similar protection) must be used.

5. All carp caught must be returned to the water immediately and NOT retained in sacks, nets or any other device. Every precaution must be taken to ensure the safety and well being of fish during weighing and photographing.

6. Fishing must take place in recognised swims only (see diagram in Club Book). There will be no fishing from bank side trees, bushes etc. or the Railway Bank.

7. If a member decides to go stalking he/she must remove all tackle and gear from the swim previously occupied. Nobody may occupy more than one swim at any one time.

8. Any member leaving their swim for 30 minutes or more MUST remove all tackle and gear from the swim.

9. Members are allowed to fish with up to three rods from 1 October until 14 March. These must be no more than 2 metres apart in the same swim.

10. Tents and bivvies and are strictly prohibited (no camping under any circumstances).

11. Cars must not be taken onto the fields.


Directions to Fletchers Pond

  • From Long Eaton, Nottingham Road (near Asda), at the mini roundabout turn into Waverley Street (Tesco on left).
  • Continue straight (over mini roundabout and through various sets of lights, along Main Street, and at next roundabout turn left (first exit) past Tapper's Harker pub.
  • Cross railway level crossing, then turn right at mini roundabout.
  • Continue under Railway Bridge, over further level crossing, then immediately turn right into Trent Lane
  • After ½ mile (and before entrance to Cranfleet Farm) access to Fletchers Pond Car Park is on the right.
  • Drive under Railway Bridge and park carefully.
  • Access to water is on foot. Cross over style at end of car park and follow footpath for short distance.