Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society

Established in 1880

LEVAS Fishery Rules

The rules below are specific to the particular fisheries as stated.


Erewash Canal Rules

1. Fishing is only permitted from permanently marked pegs.

2. Live baiting on Society canal fisheries is strictly prohibited.


Fletchers Pond Rules

1. May be fished by members only.

2. Junior members MUST be supervised when fishing by an adult member.

3. When fishing for carp a specimen landing net (36" minimum) and unhooking mat (or similar protection) must be used.

4. All carp caught must be returned to the water immediately and NOT retained in sacks, nets or any other device. Every precaution must be taken to ensure the safety and well being of fish during weighing and photographing.

5. Fishing must take place in recognised swims only (see diagram in Club Book). There will be no fishing from bank side trees, bushes etc., or from the Railway Bank (which is out of bounds).

6. If a member decides to go stalking he/she must remove all tackle and gear from the swim previously occupied. Nobody may occupy more than one swim at any one time.

7. Any member leaving their swim for 30 minutes or more MUST remove all tackle and gear from the swim.

8. Members are allowed to fish with up to three rods from 1 October until 14 March. These must be no more than 2 metres apart in the same swim.

12. Tents and bivvies are strictly prohibited.(i.e. no camping)

13. Cars must not be taken onto the fields.


Grange Pond Rules

1. Members must park their vehicles on specified parking area only. NO PARKING OUTSIDE THE GATE. Upon entry and exit the gate MUST be locked. (Gate keys may be purchased from the Membership Secretary or from Bridge Tackle).

2. No fishing between dusk and dawn.

3. Fishing only from permanent pegged swims, with no fishing between pegs.

4. Members may fish as far as half the distance between their chosen peg and the next peg on either side. Similarly, members may only fish as far as half way to the opposite bank. Members MUST restrict their activities to these boundaries. A member must not allow his/her tackle, bait, groundbait or other feed to intrude into a neighbour's swim.

5. BARBLESS hooks only are permitted (maximum hook size 10).

6. Use of a keep-net is prohibited except in matches.

7. The feeding of floating baits is strictly prohibited.

8. The use of boilies and nuts of any sort is restricted to hook bait and hair-rigs ONLY. The feeding of boilies and nuts of any sort is strictly prohibited

9. Livebaiting is strictly prohibited.

10. Dead baits must be sea fish only. 

11. "Spodding" is strictly prohibited.

12. Maximum size of ledger weights to be used is one ounce.

13. No braid to be used.

14. Maximum line strength permitted is 12 pounds breaking strain.


River Fishery Rules

1. All LEVAS River Fisheries are Members Only Fisheries. Only exception is for bona fide club block bookings

2. Cars must not be taken into fields, and shall only be parked in authorised areas.

3. Anglers fishing Colwick MUST park in Colwick Park only.

4. The use of bivvies is permitted on the River Trent fisheries but members MUST ensure that they are positioned so as not to interfere with recognised pathways.


LEVAS may alter or change any of these rules should the need arise.

Last updated April 2018