Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society

Established in 1880

River Soar - Kegworth

River Soar, Kegworth

  • Members Only Water (No day tickets)
  • Match Bookings taken from Visiting Clubs (up to 45 pegs)

On the downstream end of the 'horseshoe', there are narrow boat moorings on the opposite side of the river, stretching right up beyond the bend. These are holding areas for chub and bream, and on the right day will produce excellent catches.

Take care not to hit boats on casting and do not fire loose feed where it can go onto a boat.

The remainder of the river pegs on this marsh can all produce excellent catches of roach, chub and bream.

We also control the fishing on the 10 peg stretch immediately below the bridge, which may be accessed by walking under the bridge from the "horseshoe" marsh.  This stretch holds excellent chub pegs as well as providing good sport for all other species.

Added to the "horseshoe" this gives 20 consecutive pegs on natural river, ideal for club bookings.

Above the "Horseshoe" the LEVAS waters continue right up to the Lock Gates, and if you cross the Lock Gates levas also controls the fishing on the "Lock Island" - about 5 exceellent barbel/carp pegs. When fishing these pegs take care not to disturb residents in houses on the other bank.

Best baits for chub are meat, lobworms, caster or maggot, best baits for bream, red-worm and/or caster, or maggot. Most chub fall to straight lead or block-end feeder, with groundbait feeder for the bream, with bream (to 5 lb) predominating during the warmer months, after which chub (to 5 lb+) dominate catches.

This is also an excellent stretch for catching roach (to 1lb+), skimmers, perch, gudgeon and bleak, throughout the whole of the season. It can respond to pole, waggler or stick float tactics, loose feeding caster, maggot or hemp, with same on the hook. Sometimes groundbait introduced at the start of a session can prove productive.

During the winter months there is excellent sport to be had with pike, which run well into double figures in size. During Autumn 2006 a zander weighing 9 lb was landed, so fishing for these may also prove worthwhile. An 8 lb barbel was landed by another angler around the same time, and since 2009 several barbel 'doubles' have been caught, the number of these has grown considerably in recent years.

The number of carp in this stretch is on the increase with fish to 20 lbs taken by anglers fishing specifically for them.  Barbel and carp may be encountered anywhere along this stretch of river, with "doubles" in each species becomming relatively common..

LEVAS would welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to join the Bailiffing Team covering this stretch of water.


  • From M1, J24, take the A6 towards Kegworth and Leicester.
  • Take the first turn left (signed Kingston, Sutton Bonington).
  • Continue until you pass pub on left and reach bridges over river Soar and canalised stretch.
  • Cross the bridges and park in car park on left (near to canal lock gates).
  • Do not park on road side.
  • On foot from car park, turn left towards bridge and cross the road.
  • For the upstream stretch, pass through gate on left, just before bridge over 'canal'. After 40m of canal you reach the river, and the LEVAS stretch continues upstream to the weir.
  • Cross over the Lock to reach 'Lock Island'.
  • For the 'horseshoe', cross the canal bridge and enter marsh through next gate (on left). The LEVAS water is the whole of this marsh (from the canal bridge on your left, in a large horseshoe, to the river bridge on your right.