Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society

Established in 1880

Society Match Rules

Society Match Rules (2007 Update)

1. No competitor will have live or dead fish in their possession the start of a match.

2. Matches will normally be of 5 hours duration. The exceptions being evening matches (3 hours) and/or any matches on away venues when a longer duration may be agreed . The signal to commence and cease fishing will be given by the Officer running the match.

3. Before the starting signal competitors must NOT, on any account, groundbait or loose feed the swim. However competitors will be allowed to wet a line, plumb the depth and test the float, mix or wet groundbait, clear the swim of weed or obstructions and position their equipment. On no account must a feeder be used prior to the starting signal. A ledger weight may be cast to ascertain the depth and casting distance but must NOT be left in the water.

4. A competitor may wade provided that the water does not extend above the knees, unless he/she can touch the bank with their fingertips, in which case the water can extend above the knees. When platforms are used the water must NOT come over the anglers knees when standing on the lake/river bed. On stillwaters the distance into the water competitors may place their equipment will be determined by fish welfare priorities ( positioning of keepnets) and agreed prior to the draw.

5. Every competitor must fish from within one metre either side of their designated peg. On flowing water a competitor may fish downstream only as far as the next peg. On stillwaters a competitor may fish as far as half the distance between their designated peg and the next competitor on either side ( This allows for any unused pegs between competitors). Where competitors are drawn on opposite banks the limit of the swim will be the middle line between either bank. The competitor will restrict activities completely to these boundaries. Neither the competitor, his/her tackle, bait or groundbait may intrude into a neighbours swim. However in order to recover snagged tackle or fish a competitor may move outside these boundaries provided permission is sought from neighbouring competitors. Such fish shall not count and should be returned immediately to the water on landing.

NB: The feeding of floating baits is strictly prohibited.

6. A competitor must NOT cause annoyance to or seek to interfere with another competitor (NB this may mean bank walking).

7. A competitor shall have in use one rod or pole, one line and single hook at one time, but may have other poles or rods and tackle assembled in a position behind them, if possible, providing no such other tackle is baited.

8. The use of electronic fish finders is forbidden.

9. No competitor shall present their baited hooks into their swim by any means other than the pole or rod to which the line is attached.

10. A competitor may only feed by hand or by use of a catapult, throwing stick, swim feeder, bait dropper and a pole pot. No feed will be introduced by means of a pole pot or bait dropper attached to an second pole whilst one baited hook is in the water.

11. A competitor must strike, play and land their own fish( see Match Rule 5).

12. All fish to be retained in keepnets which comply with current Environment Agency byelaws.However if, for whatever reason, it appears a fish should not be put into a keepnet it will be weighed immediately and returned to the water.  Please note that many venues insist on the use of two keepnets and competitors must ensure compliance.

13. Game fish, pike, zander and crustaceans will not be weighed.

14. A competitor, having hooked a fish prior to the signal to cease fishing, shall have a maximum of 15 minutes to land the fish after the signal.

15. Every competitor is responsible for the clearance of ALL litter at their designated peg otherwise any fish caught will not be weighed.

16. Throwing to features. At each match on a venue which has a feature, eg an island, two competitors will be asked to agree and designate before the draw which pegs have a throw at such a feature.

17. Local fishery rules will apply at all times and may therefore override Society Match Rules.

18. Any competitor proven to be in contravention of these rules may be disqualified.

19. Any Junior member over the age of 12 on 1st May is allowed to fish Society matches as long as he/she is accompanied by a responsible adult.

20. In Society Championship matches the winner gets 20 points, the second 19 and so down to 1 point for the twentieth. Members' best fifteen results in any season shall count for Championship.

21. Any paid up adult member is eligible to be considered for selection to the team to represent the Society in the AT National Championships or in any other such event as may be entered.

22. The Officer along with two other members as may be required will organise squads and select representative teams as appropriate. Those members selected to fish the NFA National Championships will be informed no later than the Monday prior to the event. Each member of the squad may be required to contribute towards costs.

23. The Veterans Cup will be awarded in conjunction with the Societies Annual Match. To be eligible, members must be aged 60 or over on the day of the match.


Members are asked to register their entry for matches no later than 2 days prior to match day.

Annual Outing entries must be in 7 days before match day.

All pools and match fees to be paid (on arrival) before the draw.


 The Society reserves the right to amend or change the above rules at any time.

(Last updated in April 2018)