Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society

Established in 1880

Grange Pond

Members Only (Club matches only)

Grange Pond is an excellent all-the-year-round fishery.

It is a mixed fishery with 30 purpose built fishing positions, and can provide members with excellent sport in the worst of conditions (except when flooded or iced over).

Access to the car park is via a locked gate, and then to gain access to the lake itself (which is surrounded by an "otter fence" is through a single (locked) gate which is opened with the same key.  Keys may be purchased from Bridge Tackle or from the Membership Secretary, after showing a current club book.

It holds carp (to 20 lb+), tench (to 8 lb), roach (to 1 ¼ lb), bream (to 9 lb), perch (to 3 lb) and pike (to 20+ lb). There are also chub, gudgeon and 'cocky' ruffe present, and possibly other species as well. Current 3 hour match record is 67 lb 4 oz, taken in one of the clubs  Monday Evening Sweeps.  In November 2017 82-03 was taken to win a match in five hours. Current policy is to add new carp stock annually whenever the club can afford to do so. On average, another 200 to 300 carp are introduced each year.

Access to the water must be from the (hard surface) car park. A track (with similar hard surface and ideal for wheel chair users) leads down to the lake. Peg numbers 5 and 6 (immediately on your right as you approach the lake) give preference to disabled members with mobility issues.  The aim is that they will be on the same level as the track. The car park, track and disabled pegs were grant funded by the Environment Agency.

During the summer of 2009 all other pegs on the lake were rebuilt, with concrete slabs on steel frames, all set so they have comfortable access from the circular path and offering comfortable and safe fishing positions, and since then fencing has been erected all around the lake with access gates at various points. It is important to keep these gates closed to deter otters and ensure that in times of flood the fish stocks are retained within the lake.

During March 2016 a massive restocking programme was undertaken, using the Society's funds for this purpose plus a substantial grant supplied by Sport England. This included tench and carp of a range of sizes which should have an immediate impact on sport.

Although carp in excess of 20 ponds in weight have been landed annually since 2015, this is not considered a specialist carp fishery and the long term plan is to regularly remove and sell large carp to help fund stocking of smaller fish.

From where the track reaches the lake there is another locked gate (to pass through the otter fence which extends all around the lake) and a pathway extends all the way round the lake on the inside of the fence. It gives reasonable access for anglers' trolleys but can be muddy in wet weather, or slightly overgrown. Pegs 1 and 30 are either side of the corner to your left, and pegs 7 and 8 either side of the corner to your right.

The other corner pegs are 15 and 16, 24 and 25. There is an island towards the far end of the pond adjacent to pegs 23 and 26. The lake is quite sheltered as it is surrounded by bushes and trees.

Under normal conditions the depth is from 4 to 8 feet. There are several shallower 'bars' and raised underwater features present.

The lake is reed fringed in most areas, with the odd patch of other weed near the margins (the carp uprooted and cleared other weed).

During the warmer months, the water responds to a wide variety of methods. Tench and carp patrol the margins all round the lake, and good roach and perch can also be taken close to the edge. Pole or rod and line (waggler) produce well, best baits being casters, maggots, sweet corn, bread, pellets and paste, although worm also works at times. It is best fed little and often, or by laying a carpet and waiting.

The longer pole line also produces well, at ranges from 6m to 14m. You need to target the species you want, and fish for carp and tench (using corn, pellet, meat etc.) or you can fish caster or maggot for a mixed bag (tench and carp may also turn up. Rod fished waggler also works.

The other prolific methods are straight lead, feeder (open ended, method or block) or surface baits. These mainly target carp and tench, but bream and roach may also show from time to time. Again a variety of baits can work, including maggot (including dead maggot), caster, corn, meat, and on the surface, pellet and bread. Although surface baits must only be presented on the hook (no feeding) the method can be deadly on the right day, and catches the larger carp.

During the winter excellent sport may still be had, but a different approach is required. The margin swims only produce on the warmer days, but you can catch well at between 4m and 8m, although 12m-14m can also work well on some days. Small baits work best, with caster, maggot, pellet and corn all having their day, with bread or worm also worth a try. Try putting in ¼ pot of maggots, and then fishing directly over it with a single maggot on a 20 or 22 hook. Use a strong hook length, as I have had carp to over 10 lb on this method. Only feed again when the bites stop for 20 minutes. If you are catching roach and the bites stop, your next fish could be a carp or a tench.

The straight lead or light feeder can also produce good winter sport. Bread, corn and maggot are the most successful baits, and once the fish are located, even the tench will feed on the coldest of days.


Venue specific rules

  1. Members must park their vehicles on the parking area only (NO PARKING OUTSIDE THE GATE).  The gate must be locked immediately after use (on entry or exit). Gate keys obtainable from Membership Secretary or from Bridge Tackle in Long Eaton for small fee (£5).  The same key should be used to access the Pond Gate.
  2. Keep access roads and pathways clear at all times
  3. No Fishing between dusk and dawn
  4. All access gates to the pond must be closed and secured immediately after use.
  5. Fishing only from permanently pegged swims, no fishing between pegs.  Water levels permitting, anglers should always sit on 'slabs' of made up pegs.  Members may fish as far as half the distance between their chosen peg and the next peg on either side.  Similarly, members may only fish as far as half way to the opposite bank.  Members MUST restrict their activities to these boundaries.  A member must not allow his/her tackle, bait, groundbait or other feed to intrude into a neighbour's swim. The Pond Map on the Notice Board demonstrates permitted casting areas for each peg.
  6. BARBLESS hooks only are permitted, and then only to maximum size of 10.
  7. Ledger weights must not exceed one ounce (28 g) in weight.
  8. Maximum line strength allowed is 12 pounds breaking strain.
  9. Use of a keep-net is prohibited except in matches.
  10. The feeding of floating baits is strictly prohibited.
  11. No "Spodding" of baits is allowed
  12. The use of boilies and nuts of any sort is restricted to hook bait and hair-rigs only. The feeding of boilies or nuts of any sort is strictly prohibited. Anglers should only carry sufficient boilies or nuts for hook bait purposes.
  13. Live baiting is strictly prohibited.
  14. Deadbaits must be sea fish only
(Grange Pond Rules updated November 2017)


LEVAS would welcome enquiries from people prepared to join the Bailiffing team that covers Grange Pond


Directions to Grange Pond

  • Coming from Long Eaton town centre, follow the A6005 to Nottingham (Nottingham Road).
  • Just before you leave Long Eaton, Devonshire Avenue is on the right hand side. Follow the road round to the end, the gate to the car park will be on your left.
  • Park only in club car park, and lock gate immediately after entry and exit.