Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society

Established in 1880



Monday, 17 June 2019 11:35


TROPHY: W CAMM CUP                     

DATE: 16 JUNE 2019


1st       Steve HOULT 234-04

2nd      Bill PEACH 178-14

3rd      Paul MARRIOTT 166-08

4th       Dave LEWIS 157-12

5th       Les SMEDLEY 147-00

6th       Paul SKINNER 131-03



Match three of the LEVAS’s 2019 Championship series was fished on the Match Pool at Jansons Fishery, Elton, Notts. This “doughnut pool” holds 40 purpose built concrete pegs, is around 11m wide with a depth of two to two and a half feet. It has silted up from a depth of at least four feet over the last five years, and is heavily stocked with carp, bream and ide.

With anglers on holiday attendances were lower than expected, and only 15 lined up at the start on a lovely summer’s morning. However, the weather soon changed, the wind increased and as the day progressed several sharp rain showers had to be endured.

Some anglers managed to adapt to the style required to catch from the start, and as others took a while the early leaders were able to maintain their hold on the results to fill the top spots, although eleven anglers managed to exceed one hundred pounds each at the weigh in, and with catches totalling 1,853 lbs, it averaged out at 132 lbs per person.

Steve Hoult continued his stranglehold on the Championship with another convincing win. Fishing dead red maggots over hempseed feed he put 234-04 on the scales from peg 5.

Second placed Bill Peach (peg 20) fished in similar fashion for his 178-14, with Paul Marriott (peg 37) taking third place with 166-08.

The next three were Dave Lewis (peg 8) with 157-12, Les (“I’m probably last”) Smedley (peg 5) with 147-00 and Paul Skinner (peg 35) with 131-03.

Steve Hoult is a clear leader in the Championship with 59 points, having dropped only one point from the first three matches, although Paul Marriott is pushing him in second place on 54 points.

Paul Skinner is third with 42, then Rob Pembridge, Ivan Carrier and Les Smedley all on 31, Keith White, Janet Skinner and Bill Peach all on 29, Dave Kent and Dave Cotterill both on 27 points.

Match four is at Makins Fishery on Thames, Outer and Inner Avons (Phase Three) on Sunday 30 June. To fish book in via Dave Kent at least 3 days beforehand.

The photos are of the venue and the top three anglers on the day.