Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society

Established in 1880



Monday, 03 June 2019 17:20

LEVAS fished the second match of their 2019 Championship Campaign on Sunday 2 June 2019, and two of the heavy hitters threw down markers that this year would again be a tough battle.

Sunday’s match, also for the Victoria Cup, was fished on Penninsular (not misspelt) Lake at Blake Hall, Cheadle (near Stoke), a large lake with a peninsular jutting out from one end to within about 80 yards of the far bank, effectively making it a “U” shaped lake.

 After a superb breakfast, the twenty competitors set up their tackle in light rain. There was the odd shower throughout the day, and the wind stiffened as the day progressed blowing down the arms from the end, which generally produced most of the fish from the down-wind areas.

 Top weight on the day was taken by Paul Marriott from peg 25. Paul fished bomb and pellet, and cast his bait about a third of the way to the peninsular to get bites, most of which nearly pulled his rod from the rest. He managed to put a total of 147 -07 on the scales for a clear win.

 On peg 48 towards the centre of the lake, Steve Hoult caught the odd fish on pellet waggler before settling into fishing long pole shallow and “pinging” 8ml pellets with a hard pellet on the hook which produced the bulk of his fish, although he added three late fish on the same line at depth. His 84-03 took second place in the match.

The top two are both shown in the photos with part of their catches. 

Paul Skinner (peg 56) was third with 66-13, Steve Warrener (peg 59) fourth with 55-12, and Dave Cotterill fifth with 52-01 from peg 55. Keith White (peg 29) and Les Smedley (peg 44) tied for sixth place, each with 44-09.

The early Championship leaders are: Steve Hoult 39 points; Paul Marriott 36; Keith White 29; Dave Cotterill and Paul Skinner both with 27; Paul Richardson 25, Rob Pembridge and Janet Skinner both with 21.

Match Three is at the prolific Jansons Fishery on the Match Lake on Sunday 16th June. Book a place with Dave Kent ASAP to secure a peg.