Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society

Established in 1880



Tuesday, 24 March 2020 18:19



As you are all aware the advice from the government regarding the precautions, we must all take to minimise the spread of the virus has been hardening, especially over the past week.


Unfortunately, the actions of certain people across the country last weekend not surprisingly brought a much more stringent response from the government yesterday evening (23rd March).


Not least was the statement that we MUST all now stay at home only going out for essential shopping, one spell of exercise or medical emergencies.


You will be aware that shops selling all non-essential goods were to close, this includes fishing tackle shops.


Another outcome is that across the country almost all commercial and club fisheries have closed until further notice.


Indeed, from this morning the Society’s Grange Pond is totally closed for 3 weeks although this will be reviewed as the overall situation changes. 


We are just into the Closed Season on rivers so there are no immediate issues there at this time.


However, the Erewash Canal remains open although we are closely following advice given by the Canal & River Trust.


It has been said that once alone on the bank fishing it is arguably the safest environment for anyone to be in provided that others maintain the minimum 2 metres social distancing.   Be that as it may the rules about staying home must now take absolute precedence so all members are asked to respect this for the good of everyone including themselves and their loved ones.


The Society is, of course, a member of the sport’s governing body the “Angling Trust”.   The Trust is actively seeking guidance on whether angling can be classed as an allowed form of recreation, as cycling has been, and therefore whether at some point in the future we may be able to resume our beloved sport even in some limited way.


We will endeavour keep you updated.


Sincere thanks


The Committee