Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society

Established in 1880



Friday, 24 July 2020 12:31


Additional rules for fishing at Grange Pond.

(Some of these apply to the restricted period due to Covid -19     

  others are restating existing rules)

  1. Members MUST be in possession of the current 2020/21 Membership Book and a current Environment Agency Rod Licence. (see website/Facebook for information).
  2. Please be aware of all Society Rules(NB: re fishing at Grange Pond).
  3. Members who may have Covid-19 symptoms are asked to stay away until they are tested clear.
  4. Members are reminded that they should travel alone unless with someone from the same household or “bubble”.
  5. Members are recommended to wear protective gloves particularly when operating gates and/or use a suitable hand sanitiser.
  6. Members are instructed to park their vehicles sensibly with regard to others. Remember to maintain social distancing in the car park. When the car park is full you cannot fish.  PARKING OUTSIDE THE GATES IS PROHIBITED.
  7. ALL pegs to be open from 23 July 2020. If all pegs are taken please go home and perhaps try later. DO NOT wander around the Pond.
  8. Social distancing MUST be maintained at all times
  10. The pathway MUST be kept clear AT ALL TIMES. NO equipment of any sort must be placed across the pathway.
  11. Members may take their cycles to their chosen peg. Cycles MUST be placed clear of the pathway whilst fishing.
  12. ABSOLUTELY NO CYCLING AROUND THE POND. Anyone found doing so will face disciplinary action.
  13. ONLY ONE ANGLER PER PEG. However, if an adult member brings a child member to fish the platform can be shared (Be mindful of safety at all times). Members may be accompanied by their non-fishing spouse/partner who should sit nearby and at least 2m from the path, and remain in situ.
  14. Only Members who are fishing are allowed to be at the Pond. You MUST NOT wander around the Pond.
  15. PLEASE NOTE SOCIETY RULE 7. – Junior members under the age of 15 MUST be accompanied by an adult member at all times.
  16. Members are asked to limit their use of mobile phones and bite alarms.
  17. PLEASE NOTE: Fishing at Grange Pond is allowed between dawn and dusk ONLY (sunrise and sunset). Anyone found to be fishing outside this period will face disciplinary action
  18. A member is responsible for clearing litter at their peg whether it is theirs or has been left by someone else. Any member found to have litter at their peg will face disciplinary action.
  19. Society bailiffs will be present. Please respect the bailiffs. Any member contravening these rules may be asked to leave the fishery and /or face disciplinary action.