Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society

Established in 1880



Monday, 15 June 2020 11:08

We are now about a month into fishing at Grange Pond, and what a superb season it is so far. Because of Covid-19 we have reduced the number of usable pegs to ensure good spacing between anglers, and have had to stop "bank walkers" and spectators. Generally this has worked well.
There has been a little litter problem. The rules are clear - if you are fishing a peg you are responsible for any litter in your vicinity. Clear it up before you start and remove it when you leave. The Bailiffs will be watching.
Regarding catches, these have been excellent. There have been catches of 20-00 of roach reported, and plenty of the new bream have also shown as well as several of the old warriors that weigh between 5-08 and 7-08 apiece.
Members have taken catches of carp up to 200-00 in a session, with a wide range of tactics working, the most productive being method feeder, pellet waggler and pole/pellet, not necessarily in that order.
The photos are just a sample of members' catches submitted to the LEVAS GRANGE POND Facebook page. This is a page for members only, and to join you need to ask to be added to the page AND MESSAGE ME WITH YOUR CURRENT LEVAS BOOK NUMBER.
The photos show: Matt Gaetto, Dan Gaetto, Tony Colley with an 18-01 carp caught on pole, Pete Albone with a 13-01 carp, a tench caught by Pete Albone on the same day; Andrew Marvin with a decent carp; an eel caught by Rob Allender; Stephen Parr with a carp of 12-00; and three fish caught by Dan Fedyszyn in the same session.