Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society

Established in 1880



Friday, 27 September 2019 13:09


It had been clear for some time that many members felt they were being disadvantaged at Grange Pond by the way others were using their two rods. Therefore, the Committee needed to take action.

Its decision to introduce a one rod limit was made in accordance with Rule 3c in the Constitution which effectively empowers the Committee to manage the Society between AGM’s and to make decisions on matters of policy. It is implicit that such decisions are in the best interests of the Society and ALL its members.

Whilst General Rule 2 does allow members to use up to a maximum of two rods it is also stated that this may vary in accordance with specific fishery rules.

The Committee’s decision attracted a fair amount of comment but very little was fed into the Committee in the proper way i.e. by letter or email but amongst this were some really constructive comments of which the Committee took due note.

At the meeting of the full Committee on 2nd September it was agreed to organise the annual planning meeting for Grange Pond. This took place on 23rd September comprising a mixture of Officers, Committee and bailiffs. After a lengthy discussion it was agreed unanimously to offer a compromise to the one rod ruling as follows - That between the 1st May and 31st October members fishing Grange Pond will be restricted to using one rod at a time. Between 1st November and 30 April members will be allowed to use up to two rods at the same peg. It must be understood that Grange Pond Rule 4 will be rigidly enforced i.e. members are not allowed to fish beyond an imaginary line halfway between their peg and the next peg on either side and that no-one must cast beyond halfway to the bank opposite.

The meeting also unanimously agreed that Grange Pond Rule 7 which clearly states that the feeding of any floating baits is strictly prohibited will be strongly enforced and any evidence that members are not adhering to this Rule will result in the total prohibition of ALL floating baits i.e. as feed and as hook bait.


The Committee